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Range Description

The Consul Sofa is upholstered with the finest leather stocked in Black with stainless steel legs with wooden internal frames for added stability.

- Consul 1-seater Sofa (W900 x D900, H800 mm)
- Consul 2-seater Sofa (W1625 x D900, H800 mm)

- Consul Square Coffee Table (W1000 x D1000, H380 mm)
- Consul Round Coffee Table (D600 x H380 mm)

Ideally combined with Executive Desking and Conference Collection:
- Consul Curved Executive Desk (W2800 x D1242, H750 mm)
- Consul Straight Executive Desk (W2400 x D1050, H750 mm)
- Consul Straight Executive Desk (W2200 x D1020, H750 mm)
- Consul Side Cabinet (W2150 x D680, H750 mm)
- Consul Mobile Side Cabinet (W1350 x D550, H630 mm)
- Consul 3-Drawer Pedestal (W460 x D570, H630 mm)
- Consul 3 Meter Conference Table (W3000 x D1200, H750 mm)
- Consul 4-Meter Conference Table (W4000 x D1450, H750 mm)
- Consul 5-Meter Conference Table (W5000 x D1600, H750 mm)
Key Features

Consul executive collection is driven by the dedication of craftsmen, under rigorous quality inspections with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001-2004 (Environmental Management System) certifications.

Consul Sofa is just one part of the entire collection. Other colors and finishes combinations are available on project basis.

Local UAE stocks are available in Black Leather with Stainless Steel Legs and internal wooden structure. Custom finishes are available on project basis, subject to 60-75 day timeline & minimum order quantity.
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