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Range Description

D-Molo is a system work-ware with unique expandability that easily adapts to changes in work environments and IT innovations. Combining only the necessary components to suit needs at hand, operation cost are minimized and total costs as lowered when they are used in the long term.

D-MOLO is a system workware with unique expandability options that easily adapts to chages in our work environments and IT innovations. Combining only the necessary components to suit your current need, the operation cost will be minimized and total costs will be lowered when they are used in long term.

- D-MOLO optimizes customization according to changes in the work environment.
- D-MOLO is a platform that will serve as the basis for system development
- D-MOLO has strong pole system that open-up vertical possibilities
- D-MOLO is expandable depending on your specific needs and requirements
- D-MOLO is designed by Uchida, Japan.

Unique Benefits of D-MOLO:
- Wise investment because components are reusalbe and easily relocateable.
- Any changes in office (expansions) would only require minor updates to the system
- Japanese ingenuity and craftsmanship in design solutions used
- The system that can accomodate from wireless to the most advance IT requirements for any office.
- This is the only system available that can accomodate 16 LCD monitors in a single workstation space without changing any platform components.
- Very stable platform that does not shake on use.
- Ideal for Media Rooms, IT and modern looking offices

Our System solutions develop offices of any size, shape and configuration be it private offices, teaming areas, freestanding spaces, open plan or workstation clusters. Several product lines, innumerable options, cohesive aesthetics, intelligent storage solutions, and advanced functionality, Bafco System Solutions create productive atmosphere.
Key Features
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