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Konnect (Panel Based)

Range Description

Konnect is a panel-based and freestanding system of aluminum structure. The complete range of panel and screen partitions, freestanding desks, and storage options makes Konnect a desired product for functionally efficient office on a strict budget.

Konnect system furniture is a stylish, affordable and versatile panel, screen and freestanding system designed to meet the changing needs of growing businesses. It offers infinite solutions — defining and shaping workspaces to support the diverse demands of different individuals, activities and organizations.

With all the essentials — partitions, desks and storage — Konnect is one of the most versatile product line designed to meet an organization’s needs. It can provide furniture solutions for open-plan, semi-private and even highly enclosed workplaces.
Key Features
- ISO 14001 Certified.
- Konnect panel system helps to define individual space, the overall work environment, and to minimize visual distractions by providing a balance between the amount of privacy and contact. Available in thickness of 6 mm or 3 mm with various width and height options, it can be set incrementally at different heights to provide individually customized control of privacy.
- Frame: Aluminum
- Worktops: 25mm MDF
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