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Korean Mobile Shelving

Range Description

Benefits of high density mobile filing equipment and supplies
- Immediately improve your office productivity
- Save time and money on filing and refiling
- Store 5 times more in less space
- Most of our clients see a quick return on investment, often in a matter of months by using less real estate space, or by allocating expensive real estate space for more employees

Bafco have helped numerous businesses like yours maximize existing space, while providing essential security for the items being stored. We have HIPAA Compliant filing applications to keep your business up to date. We have open shelf filing that can be locked with many applications of doors or you can lock down your documents in one of our high density mobile filing systems or rotary file applications. There are thousands of applications for our products. Our high density systems are completely customizable to any storage needs that you may have. Some include videos, cd-roms, dvds, microfilm, diskettes, binders, books, computers, weapons storage, museum archive storage, supplies, flat files, all banking documents, legal or medical documents or exhibits, pharmaceuticals, sporting equipment, records, magazines, personal effects, and any type of inventory.

Fig 1: Accessories available for high density mobile filing cabinets.

High density mobile filing applications come in very large or very small systems. We can help you store a million files in an acre of file room space or simply store files at your desk side for ready reference.

Fig 2: Customization and features that are distinct with our high density mobile filing cabinet

High density mobile shelving systems can store up to five times more files in the same space as conventional systems. High density filing systems can also dramatically improve your office efficiency.
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