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Range Description

Liberty, with Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, is unlike any mesh chair you’ve seen or experienced. With its tri-panel construction, it has the body-fitting contours that single-panel stretch mesh chairs simply can’t achieve. And it offers perfect lumbar support for everyone, without external devices or manual adjustments. Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of material to form a shirt. Its contours are custom-made to both fit and support the human body in unprecedented comfort.

1. Why isn't the seat pan of the Liberty chair made of mesh like the backrest?

When the Liberty chair was created, a contoured foam or gel seat pan provided greater long-term sitting comfort than a mesh alternative. Although a mesh seat pan has since been developed for the Diffrient World chair that achieves excellent all-day sitting comfort, the Liberty chair's classic design remains unchanged.

2. What kind of mesh and upholstery textiles are available for the Liberty chair?
The textiles available for Liberty are as unique as the rest of the chair and satisfy requirements far more demanding than typical mesh and upholstery textiles.

3. Are the mesh textiles offered for Liberty gentle on clothing?

Each of our mesh textiles was specifically designed to be gentle on your clothes. Unique to our industry, Humanscale performs a reverse Wyzenbeek test on all of our mesh textiles to ensure that they will not damage clothing. We look at how our mesh abrades three different clothing textiles compared to a standard #10 cotton duck as the abradent. These results show that our mesh textiles are far gentler on your clothing than cotton duck.

4. What frame color options are available for Liberty?
To view the frame color options, see the information illustrated in the Liberty seating section of our website.

5. I would like to test a Liberty chair before I purchase it. Where can I go to see the chair?
To find a showroom near you, please visit our "Contact" section or call 800-BAFCO.

7. Can a mesh-backed chair provide adequate lumbar support?

Using Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, Liberty offers perfect lumbar support for everyone automatically - without the need for manual adjustments or external lumbar devices. With Liberty, three panels of non-stretch mesh are sewn together to create a contoured shape optimized for the human back, creating ultimate body-hugging support.

8. Why is non-stretch mesh preferable to stretchy mesh? Wouldn't stretchy mesh be more comfortable?

A single panel of stretchy mesh pulled tight around a frame cannot be contoured to the shape of the human back, and therefore cannot provide adequate lumbar support. This leads to discomfort in the long run. Non-stretch mesh displaces instead of stretches, providing support for users of all sizes.
Key Features

Self-Adjusting Recline

  • Intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight
  • No tension springs to adjust
  • No recline locks to set/release
  • During recline, the angle between torso and legs opens up for better body function
  • User maintains near-constant eye level during recline

Pivoting Backrest

  • Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine
  • Provides additional lumbar support as needed

Form-Sensing Mesh
  • Tri-panel, non-stretch mesh construction creates body-fitting contours and self-adjusting lumbar support for a customized fit
  • No external lumbar devices to adjust, break or lose
  • Low-abrasion mesh protects clothing
  • Modular for easy replacement

Standard Cylinder
  • Provides seat height range that accommodates 95% of the population
  • Contoured Seat Cushion
  • Carefully sculpted to match body contours
  • Increased contact area reduces pressure points
  • Modular for easy replacement

Body Fit
  • Size adjustable to fit more than 95% of the population
  • Form-sensing mesh provides perfect lumbar support—automatically
  • Manual adjustments for fit-to-size:
  • Seat Height: 5” adjustment range
  • Seat Depth: 2.25” adjustment range

  • 3” dual-surface casters roll easily on carpeted floors and quietly on hard floors


The Liberty Chair is a great example of Humanscale's environmental purpose.
  • Made predominantly of aluminum, followed by steel and plastic
  • Contains 54% recycled content (32% post-consumer, 22% pre-consumer)
  • 93% recyclable
  • Weighs only 27 pounds
  • Modular cushions for easy replacement
  • Designed for easy disassembly
  • Ships in 85% recycled packaging or blanket-wrapped when feasible
  • Greenguard Certified

Earn LEED Credits
The Liberty Chair can help building projects achieve valuable LEED credits.
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