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Range Description

The Nuvem chair has a modern and stylish appearance and a revolutionary use of modern technology unlike any other lounge chair in the market. The philosophy is based on providing perfect sitting comfort to users in our modern environment such as users with laptops, touch screens, and other mobile devices. Nuvem adopts current trend of working away from the typical desk by providing modern design integration to a classic lounge seating.

ON ORDER BASIS with lead time of 60-75 days upon order confirmation.
Key Features
- Innovation of new high tech mesh fabric, replace the polyurethane foams structure
- Innovation of new body fit sub skating recline design, allow users to use the relaxing way to adjust its downward and backward recline position
- Stage less memory position locking, allow users to simply adjust the control button to set and adjust own best comfort ergonomic position
Available in mesh or leather in a variety of colors.
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