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Share your vision with us through a quick questionnaire, empowering our BAFCO Expert to curate a complimentary space plan and innovative ideas tailored to your dream office.

How It Works?

Share your Vision

Begin by sharing your floor plan and engaging with a brief questionnaire. How large is your team and what work dynamics define your style?

Craft your Unique Space

Receive a complimentary space plan infused with innovative concepts by a BAFCO Expert. Retain the plan, regardless of your purchasing decision, as a token of our commitment to your office's potential.

Evolving Together with BAFCO

Upon acquiring BAFCO furniture, enjoy the added advantage of requesting complimentary updates to your space plan as your team expands, ensuring a seamless and scalable workspace evolution.

Space Planning Made Simple

Begin by sharing a CAD floor plan, a document typically accessible through your building manager or landlord, coupled with insights into your values and requirements. Our user-friendly survey captures these essential details, setting the foundation for the transformation ahead.

Expert Guidance

Upon receiving your initial inputs, our team of seasoned BAFCO Experts steps in. With a wealth of experience in designing both efficient and delightful office environments, they provide personalized suggestions aligned with your space plan. Their industry prowess ensures that every square foot is optimized to foster productivity and well-being.

Grow with BAFCO

Your journey with BAFCO extends well beyond the initial setup. As your enterprise flourishes and priorities evolve, our commitment remains steadfast. Upon acquiring BAFCO furnishings, you gain the privilege of requesting updated space plans online at your convenience. This seamless integration accommodates your changing needs, guaranteeing that your workspace continuously reflects your organization's growth and aspirations.

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