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Welcome to the Dexter Sofa, where classic shapes meet timeless elegance. Crafted in genuine leather and available in six distinct colours including black, yellow, khaki, roman tan, meteor grey, and coffee, this sofa combines eco-friendly solid wood and board for durability and craftsmanship. Ideal for high-end executive and majlis spaces, the Dexter Sofa serves as a solid centerpiece with its spacious 3-seater design.

Collection Overview
  • Sofa: 2800*1000*860mm
    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Black, Grey, Khaki, Roman Tan, Coffee or Yellow
    • Leather Material: Genuine Leather (S11) family
    • Stainless Steel Leg trim detail



    Step into luxury with the Dexter Sofa, designed to enhance any executive or majlis setting. Each sofa is meticulously crafted from genuine leather, offering a choice of finishes like black, grey, khaki, roman tan, coffee, or yellow to complement your interior style. With stainless steel leg trim details adding a touch of sophistication, the Dexter Sofa promises both comfort and enduring elegance in any environment.

    Timeless Elegance: The Dexter Sofa blends classic shapes with genuine leather in black, yellow, khaki, roman tan, meteor grey, and coffee. Perfect for executive and majlis spaces, it exudes lasting sophistication.

    Durable Craftsmanship: Crafted with eco-friendly solid wood and board, the Dexter Sofa ensures durability and sustainability. It's built to last, maintaining quality over time.

    Sophisticated Design: With stainless steel leg trim details, the Dexter Sofa combines luxury with practical elegance, enhancing any interior with a touch of sophistication.