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If you're a designer, architect or contractor, join our BAFCO Trade Program to receive discounts, personalized service and access to exclusive launches.

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BAFCO is the best place to source thoughtfully designed and affordable furniture that your clients will love.

Access to a Diverse Range of Quality Products:

Experience the fusion of aesthetics and ergonomics, where each piece is meticulously crafted to infuse both beauty and utility into your designs. With BAFCO, you're not just sourcing furniture – you're curating an experience, ensuring your clients receive unparalleled value and comfort.

Transparent Pricing & Fast Delivery Option

In the fast-paced realm of interior design, time is of the essence. BAFCO recognizes this urgency and offers quick turnarounds that align with your project's rhythm. Say goodbye to dealer markups and hidden fees, and embrace a straightforward, honest partnership.

Seamless Excellence from Start to Finish

Forge a partnership with BAFCO and let us be your cornerstone in creating spaces that resonate. Discover the BAFCO Trade Partner advantage today and embark on a journey where innovative design, transparency, and efficiency converge to elevate your interior designs like never before.

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