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With over 1,000 successful projects as our testament and 32 years of unrivaled expertise, we're your ultimate destination for cutting-edge furniture designs and global collaborations. Transform your workspace into a masterpiece!


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We can help you optimize workspace budgeting using project quotes and expert guidance for smart resource utilization.

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Take the guesswork out of budgeting with our project-based quotes. We will even guide where you can save on space and budget.

Space Planning & Expert Consultancy

Achieve your office design goals with our comprehensive space management and consultancy services.

Bespoke Color, Size and Materials

Choose from a range of customizable office furniture options. You can create a bespoke look that reflects your brand and style.

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Ergohuman 2 Elite
2023 New Release

Ergohuman 2

In pursuit to the next evolution of ergonomic seating

Why we are successful in 33 years?

We are known in the market as the “Office Furniture People”, as we are obsessed with design, quality and materials.



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Elevate your workspace with our Good Design, Red Dot and IF Design award-winning furniture. Immerse yourself in an environment crafted to inspire and elevate.

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Step into a world where craftsmanship speaks for itself. Run your fingers across the cool metal, feel the weight of solid wood, and bask in the vibrant colors that come alive under our showroom lights. Discover the difference firsthand.


Pods & Booths

Premium Office Phone Booths & Meeting Pods for the Modern Workplace

Furniture That Makes Your Office a Great Place to Work

Remove the uncertainty of creating exceptional spaces with our expert space planning team. Together, we'll design a customized office that sparks creativity, empowers your team, and cultivates a thriving startup culture within your workspace.


Accelerate your office planning process with our short questionnaire and a call scheduled with our experienced space planners.


During our meeting, we will lay the foundation for your perfect space in our informative initial discussion.


We'll provide you with options that is customized to your work style, providing the perfect fit for your needs.


Sit back and relax as we send you your plan, design options, and a custom quote, all at your convenience.


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Experience personalized attention and expert guidance while exploring our exquisite range of office furniture at Bafco.