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Free Space Plan

Is your office space cramped, chaotic, and unproductive? Get a FREE Space Plan from BAFCO Design Team and discover how we can transform it into a functional, inspiring environment for your team.

3-Step Space Planning Service

Worried about designing your new office space right? We get it. Startups and small businesses have big dreams, but figuring out office layout, furniture, and logistics can feel overwhelming.

Share Your Vision

Tell us about your business, team, and goals. What do you want your office to feel like?

Get Expert Advice

Our experienced designers create a tailored space plan, maximizing functionality, space and style.

See it Come to Life

Explore 3D renderings, showroom mockups and discuss options before making any decisions.

Space Planning Made Simple

Begin by sharing a CAD floor plan, a document typically accessible through your building manager or landlord, coupled with insights into your values and requirements. Our user-friendly survey captures these essential details, setting the foundation for the transformation ahead.

Expert Guidance

Upon receiving your initial inputs, our team of seasoned BAFCO Experts steps in. With a wealth of experience in designing both efficient and delightful office environments, they provide personalized suggestions aligned with your space plan. Their industry prowess ensures that every square foot is optimized to foster productivity and well-being.

Grow with BAFCO

Your journey with BAFCO extends well beyond the initial setup. As your enterprise flourishes and priorities evolve, our commitment remains steadfast. Upon acquiring BAFCO furnishings, you gain the privilege of requesting updated space plans online at your convenience. This seamless integration accommodates your changing needs, guaranteeing that your workspace continuously reflects your organization's growth and aspirations.

Create Your Plan

Ready to take the next step in planning for your next office expansion?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your track record of delivering high-quality furniture on time and within budget?

Do you offer design consultation or space planning services?

Do you provide customization options to suit my brand identity and space requirements?

Are you committed to sustainable practices and offer furniture options made with eco-friendly methods?

What materials do you use in your furniture? Are they durable and long-lasting?

Are your prices competitive with other furniture suppliers in the UAE?

Are your minimum order quantities (MOQs) manageable for smaller businesses like mine?

What are your typical lead times for production and delivery? Can you meet my project deadlines?

Do you offer installation services, and what is your warranty and after-sales service policy like?

Do you manufacture your furniture locally in the UAE, ensuring faster lead times and lower transportation costs?