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Experience luxury and versatility with our Allegato Modular Sofa. Crafted from genuine leather and a sturdy frame, it lets you create expansive combinations. With black plastic legs and a loose rectangular long pillow, it offers style, comfort, and adaptability for any space.

Collection Overview
  • Sofa: 1150*1000*810 / 2000*1000*810 (L or R Armrest) / 870*1000*810 (center) / 1700*1150*810 (L or R Chase) / 1080*1080*740 (corner) / 1030*1030*440 (big pouf) / 810*810*440mm (small pouf)
    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Olive Brown and Light Grey
    • Leather Material: Premium Italian Analine Soft Leather (DP) family
    • Concealed Black legs
    Olive Brown
    Light Grey



    The Allegato Modular Sofa blends opulent craftsmanship, adaptability, elegant aesthetics, and premium comfort. Crafted from premium Italian Aniline Soft Leather, it's visually appealing and durable, featuring genuine leather and a solid wood and particle board inner frame.

    Adaptable Design Possibilities: Elevate your living spaces with the versatile Allegato Modular Sofa. Its modular design enables tailored arrangements, making it easy to create grand majilis-like lounges or impactful receiving areas that match your vision for various room sizes and layouts.

    Elegant Aesthetics: The Allegato Modular Sofa exudes timeless elegance with sleek lines, concealed black legs, and a loose rectangular long pillow. It combines sophistication, style, and comfort seamlessly, making it a versatile addition to any interior décor.

    Premium Comfort: Experience ultimate comfort on the Allegato Modular Sofa. With its well-designed dimensions and plush cushioning, it ensures a cozy seating experience. Whether you're reading a book or entertaining friends, it offers the perfect blend of relaxation and style.