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Bear Business KANO White Cashmere Fabric 8-10 Weeks
Bear Business KANO
Bear Business KANO
Bear Business KANO
Bear Business KANO


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Introducing the Bear Lounge Sofa, a chic addition to office or lounge spaces. With its high-quality cashmere fabric, eco-friendly solid wood frame, and high-density foam, it combines style and comfort. Plus, it's backed by a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind. Elevate your space with this stylish and cozy sofa.

    Finish Overview
    • Stretch Fabric Options: Warm White Cashmere Fabric



    Elegance and Style Redefined: Elevate your office or lounge areas with the Bear Lounge Sofa in Cashmere Fabric, a statement piece that exudes elegance. Its bright and luxurious cashmere fabric is a stunning addition to any space, from collaborative zones to upscale VIP areas.

    Uncompromising Comfort and Durability: The Bear Lounge Sofa blends comfort and durability, featuring high-wear-rated natural wool fabric for lasting comfort. Internal soft cushions provide optimal support, while the eco-friendly solid wood or board internal frame ensures sturdiness over time.

    Craftsmanship and Precision:
    The Bear Lounge Sofa showcases meticulous craftsmanship, evident in its attention to detail, high-density foam, and precise German machinery stitching. It seamlessly combines exquisite design with superior craftsmanship for a flawless, quality finish.

    Assurance of Quality: With a 5-year warranty, the Bear Lounge Sofa guarantees enduring quality and reliability, offering peace of mind for your investment. Immerse yourself in style and comfort with this exceptional lounge sofa in your space.