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The Champion Executive Desk, ideal for growing businesses, boasts a double-layered worktop with wire management features. Crafted from top-grade "E0" environmental veneer wood board with precision lacquering, it combines style and quality.

Timeless Classic with modern touches.

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 2000*900*760 / 2400*950*760 / 2800*2500*760 / 3200*2500*760
  • Conference Table: 3000*1400*760 / 3600*1400*760 / 4200*1500*760 / 4800*1500*760
  • Wall Cabinet: 3400*400*2000 / 2400*400*1800
  • Credenza: 2400*400*800
Finish Overview
  • CY07 American Walnut Natural Wood Veneer 
  • Meteor Grey Leather & Lacquered Meteor Grey undertones
CY07 American Walnut
CY20 Alpine Walnut



Elegant Design with Crafted Details: The Champion Executive Collection in Natural Wood Veneer combines classic design with modern touches. Its double-layered worktop blends lacquering and veneer with chamfered detail, reflecting impeccable style and craftsmanship.

Functional Wire Management: The Executive Desk in this collection is highly practical, featuring wire management with 3 UK power sockets and 1 RJ45 socket for a clutter-free workspace and efficient connectivity, boosting productivity.

Premium Quality and Sustainability: Crafted from top-grade "E0" environmental wood board and precision German machinery for lacquering and manufacturing, this collection emphasizes sustainability and durability, ensuring long-lasting, exquisite furniture.

Versatile Customization Options: The Champion Executive Collection offers various sizes to suit diverse office spaces, including Executive Desks, Conference Tables, Wall Cabinets, and Credenzas. These customizable options cater to your growing business's specific needs and aesthetics.