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The Deshawn Executive Sofa enhances your workspace with its stylish design, featuring genuine or vegan leather upholstery, a solid wood frame, and steel legs. Choose from attractive colors to match your office decor. It offers comfortable armrests and high-density foam cushions for a cozy sitting experience while you work or relax at your desk.

Collection Overview
  • Armchair: 990*940*850mm
  • Sofa: 2400*940*850mm
    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Black, Grey, Khaki, Roman Tan, Red
    • Leather Material: Smooth Genuine Leather (Z11) or Vegan Leather (Z13) family
    • Stainless Steel legs and Frame



    Premium Comfort and Relaxation: The Deshawn Majlis Modular Soft Seating provides a haven of comfort within your workspace. Its high-density foam cushions and inviting armrest offer an oasis for relaxation, ensuring you can take a break or work in utmost comfort.

    Elegant and Customizable Design:Elevate your workspace with the Deshawn Executive Sofa, featuring genuine or vegan leather upholstery and a solid wood frame. The sleek stainless-steel legs and finish options like Black, Grey, Khaki, Roman Tan, and Red effortlessly match your office decor.

    Versatile Configuration: Designed for convenience, the Deshawn Sofa set adapts to your needs. Whether it's the armchair's cozy confines or the spaciousness of the sofa, this modular soft seating offers flexible configurations that accommodate various workspace arrangements.

    Functional Style for Productive Spaces: Beyond its comfort and style, the Deshawn Executive Sofa enhances your work efficiency. It provides a dedicated space for quick respites or casual meetings, fostering an environment that promotes both relaxation and productivity.