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Elite Desk with Credenza Return

Elite Desk with Credenza Return

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Elevate your workspace to a realm of sophistication with the Elite Desk and Credenza Return. Crafted with precision and adorned with stainless steel elegance, it redefines professionalism and innovation. Discover limitless possibilities in style and functionality.
W1800 x D2100 x H750mm
W2000 x D2100 x H750mm
W2200 x D2100 x H750mm
Maryland Walnut B



Versatile Customization

The Elite Desk offers a wide range of finishes, allowing you to customize it to match your office's aesthetic and design preferences. Whether you prefer a classic wood finish or a modern matte look, this desk can be tailored to suit your style.

Key Features

Efficient Wire Management
Integrated Vault wire management and push-lock storage technology.

Sleek Stainless Steel Legs
Features triangular stainless steel loop legs for a modern look.

Versatile Finishes
Choose from various finishes to match your style.

Innovative Wire Management

With the integrated Vault wire management system, this desk helps keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Say goodbye to tangled cables and unsightly wires. The Vault system discreetly manages and conceals your cables, promoting a clean and professional appearance.