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Feigelali Business KANO
Feigelali Business KANO
Feigelali Business KANO
Feigelali Business KANO
Feigelali Business KANO


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The Feigelali Series caters to discerning elites, emphasizing simplicity and power. It features a dark-brown veneer tabletop, a flexible glass partition design on the back cabinet, and an Italian-imported 3A Grade leather executive chair with a soft, delicate touch.

Model of Nobility and Elegance.

Collection Overview in Veneer
  • Executive Desk: 2800*2200*760 / 3180*2420*760 / 3500*2420*760
  • Conference Table: 3600*1400*750 / 4000*1500*750 / 4800*1700*750 / 4800*1800*760 / 5400*1700*750 / 6000*1800*750 / 6400*2000*760 / 8000*2200*760
  • Meeting Table: 1000*1000*760
  • Wall Cabinet: 3300*400*2000 / 3600*400*2000
  • Credenza: 1400*400*910
Finish Overview
  • CY07 American Walnut Natural Wood Veneer 
  • Meteor Grey Leather & Lacquered Meteor Grey undertones
CY07 American Walnut
CY20 Alpine Walnut



Exclusive Elegance for Elite Professionals: The Feigelali Executive Collection in Natural Wood Veneer exudes exclusive elegance, tailored for discerning individuals. Its meticulous design caters to the sophisticated taste and wisdom of accomplished business leaders.

Versatile and Powerful Design:The collection's dark-brown veneer tabletop, with its powerful yet understated lines, exudes authority. The glass partition design on the back cabinet introduces flexibility and modernity, combining classic sophistication with contemporary flair.

Luxurious Italian Craftsmanship: The executive chair, adorned with 3A Grade Italian leather, epitomizes luxury with its soft and delicate touch, offering unrivaled comfort, making it the ultimate seat for decision-makers and leaders.

Customizable Grandeur: The Feigelali Collection suits diverse office spaces with options like executive desks and conference tables, blending form and function seamlessly. Featuring CY07 American Walnut Natural Wood Veneer finish, Meteor Grey Leather, and Lacquered Meteor Grey undertones, it adds sophistication, complementing various interior styles.