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Feigelali MFC

Feigelali MFC Business KANO
Feigelali MFC Business KANO
Feigelali MFC Business KANO
Feigelali MFC Business KANO

Feigelali MFC

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The Feigelali Series appeals to discerning individuals, showcasing simplicity and power with dark-brown veneer tabletop, a flexible glass partition on the back cabinet, and Italian-imported soft leather for the executive chair.

Model of Nobility and Elegance.

Collection Overview in MFC Boards
  • Executive Desk: 1600*1600*750 / 1800*1600*750 / 2100*1920*750 / 2400*1920*750 / 2800*2200*750 / 3180*2350*750 / 3500*2350*750
  • Conference Table: 2400*1100*750 / 2800*1200*750 / 3600*1400*750 / 4000*1500*750 / 4800*1700*750 / 5400*1700*750 / 6000*1800*750
  • Meeting Table: 1000*1000*760
  • Coffee Table: 1800*800*410 / 2200*1000*410
  • Wall Cabinet: 2400*400*2000 / 2800*400*2000 / 3220*400*2000 / 3520*400*2000
  • Credenza: 1376*398*908 / 1600*400*750 / 2000*400*750 / 2400*400*750
Finish Overview
  • CF08 Walnut Hairline MFC Finish
  • Meteor Grey Leather & MFC Meteor Grey undertones
CF08 Walnut Hairline
CF39 Coffee Teakwood



Elegant and Distinctive Design: The Feigelali Executive Collection offers a sophisticated design, combining sleek lines, dark-brown veneer, and a modern glass partition for a professional ambiance.

Imported Italian Leather: The Feigelali executive chair features imported Italian leather, adding a luxurious touch. Its soft texture ensures comfort and a prestigious feel, perfect for those who prioritize quality in their workspace.

Versatile Sizing Options: The Feigelali Executive Collection offers versatile solutions for different office spaces, including executive desks, conference tables, meeting tables, coffee tables, wall cabinets, and credenzas. With a variety of sizes available, it effortlessly fits into any office layout, whether it's compact or spacious.

Premium Finish and Materials: The CF08 Walnut Hairline MFC finish in this collection elevates its aesthetics. Meteor Grey leather and MFC tones blend seamlessly with the dark-brown veneer, adding a modern twist. This premium finish imparts grandeur to your workspace, exuding professionalism and luxury.