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Gerry Business KANO
Gerry Business KANO
Gerry Business KANO
Gerry Business KANO


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With a design that pays tribute to Lamborghini's iconic scissor doors and sharp angular corners, Gerry Series has an irregular-cornered tabletop with metal elements and natural colors that gives it a flexible yet elegant appearance.

Inspired to break boundaries

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 2000*1670*750 / 2200*1670*750 / 2400*1870*750 / 2670*1870*750 / 3000*2200*750
  • Conference Table: 3500*1370*750 / 4200*1500*750
  • Wall Cabinet: 2400*415*1935 / 3100*415*1935
Finish Overview
  • CF08 Walnut Hairline MFC Finish
  • Meteor Grey Leather & MFC Meteor Grey undertones
CF08 Walnut Hairline
CF39 Coffee Teakwood



Iconic Lamborghini-Inspired Design: The Gerry Executive Collection draws inspiration from Lamborghini's iconic scissor doors and angular style. Its irregular-cornered tabletop with metal accents creates a bold and elegant executive environment, setting it apart.

Flexible Elegance: This collection seamlessly combines flexibility and elegance. With its irregular-cornered tabletop and the interplay of metal elements and natural colors, it not only enhances visual appeal but also provides a versatile workspace solution for executives and professionals.

Varied Sizes for Every Need: The Gerry Executive Collection comes in various sizes, from compact Executive Desks to spacious Conference Tables, ensuring a perfect fit for different office setups and meeting spaces.

High-Quality Materials and Finishes: The Gerry Executive Collection features meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials. With a CF08 Walnut Hairline MFC Finish and Meteor Grey Leather & MFC undertones, it offers a luxurious and refined workspace.