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Skybound Wealth Management

Skybound Wealth Management

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Project Size

200 square meters



Project Manager

Chan Abraham



Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE


Branding & Office Furniture Supply

About this project

Skybound Wealth Management, a leading provider of international lifestyle financial planning, partnered with BAFCO for a project that involved branding and bespoke furniture supply. The goal was to create a distinct, premium look for their office space in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE.

With a focus on enhancing their brand identity, Skybound Wealth Management opted for bespoke veneer executive desks and a veneer conference table. These custom-made furniture pieces added a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to their office environment, aligning with their reputation as a top-notch wealth management and financial advisory organization.

About this project

The project was managed by Chan Abraham, overseeing a 200 square meter space dedicated to commercial offices. By carefully selecting BAFCO's premium furniture offerings, Skybound Wealth Management aimed to create an inviting and professional atmosphere for their clients and staff.

By collaborating with BAFCO and incorporating their expertise in branding and bespoke furniture, Skybound Wealth Management successfully transformed their office space into a distinguished representation of their esteemed financial services.