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The Moon Lounge 1-Seater Armchair: Chic, fire-resistant office addition. Regal seating in versatile, sleek design. Vegan leather options for lasting quality. Sink into cozy, ergonomic comfort.

    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan or Yellow
    • Leather Material: Vegan Leather (S13) or Medley Fabric (ME) from Gabriel, Denmark
    • Lounge is in 4 Black electroplated steel legs (700*710*770mm)
    • Moon Mini is in 4 leg-type options (520*540*780mm)



    The Moon Executive Armchair offers luxury, versatility, quality, and comfort, enhancing your workspace for both productivity and relaxation. It features certified flame-retardant and acoustically rated fabric for plush comfort and a safe environment, suitable for any workspace or office.

    Versatile Elegance for Every Space: The Moon Mini Chair is a versatile seating solution suitable for visitor areas, meeting rooms, or dining spaces, offering an elegant and durable design that adapts to different contexts.

    The Moon Mini Armchair offers enduring quality and style with high-quality vegan leather in various colors like Black, Coffee, Tan, Red, Dark Grey, or Khaki to match your decor.

    The Moon Executive Armchair provides ergonomic comfort with a cushion-filled back and seat, offering support and a cocoon-like feel. This design promotes productivity and relaxation during work or leisure.