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Project Size

500 square meter (multiple branches)



Project Manager

Leena Mayor



Dubai, UAE (multiple branches)


Interior Design & Bespoke Furniture Supply

About this project

NBAR partnered closely with BAFCO to bring their unique brand to life, incorporating bespoke furniture and creating captivating interiors that are worthy of social media attention. As a leading chain of nail bars in the UAE, NBAR has established itself as a progressive and successful business, revolutionizing the concept of routine nail care into an immersive experience. With a loyal client base of nearly 120,000 women, including influential figures and celebrities, NBAR has set itself apart through its exceptional client experience, innovative interior design, and highly skilled team of 250 employees.

Under the guidance of Project Manager Leena Mayor, the collaboration between NBAR and BAFCO took place in Dubai, UAE. As a retail project, the goal was to create an environment that aligned with NBAR's brand ethos and catered to the discerning tastes of their clientele.

About this project

Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, NBAR and BAFCO worked together to design and furnish a remarkable space that reflects NBAR's trendsetting, empowering, and inimitable identity. The project exemplifies NBAR's dedication to delivering exceptional experiences and demonstrates BAFCO's expertise in creating tailor-made furniture solutions for retail environments.