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Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit)

Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO
Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit) - BAFCO

Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit)

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NORA Series features a modern minimalist style to highlight its bow-shaped worktops and softly chamfered duo-tone desktops. It incorporates the feeling of large space with its light and warm tone finish combinations, while balancing the need for technology, privacy and space optimization.

CF41 Nash Oak
CF42 Mocha Oak
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Elegant Ergonomic Design

The Nora Cluster of 3 features a stunning ergonomic design that blends elegance with functionality. Its 25 mm chamfered edge worktops provide a comfortable and stylish workspace. The "A-shaped" steel legs not only offer sturdy support but also add a touch of modern aesthetics to the cluster.

Key Features

Customizable and Durable
Personalize with wire management, privacy panels, and enjoy a 5-year warranty.

Premium Finish Options
Choose from elegant CF41 Nash Oak or CF42 Mocha Oak finishes.

Ergonomic Cluster
Efficient workspace trio with chamfered edge worktops and adjustable steel legs.

Customizable and Organized Workspace

This cluster includes integrated wire management and optional customizable wireboxes for an organized workspace. The flip-top feature adds convenience, granting easy access to cables and connections. Personalize your workspace with available privacy panels to suit individual preferences.

Premium Materials and Environment-friendly Craftsmanship

Precisely crafted with German machinery, this cluster offers premium CF41 Nash Oak or CF42 Mocha Oak finishes, accentuated by a stylish CF05 white solid secondary finish. Committed to eco-friendliness with "E0" grade wood, it's designed by Claudio Bellini in Milan, Italy, blending style with responsible craftsmanship. With a 5-year warranty, it ensures lasting quality and performance.

Product description

Nora Cluster of 3 (Starter Unit)

Elegant cluster with 3 ergonomic worktops and "A-shaped" steel legs, featuring wire management and options for customization.

  • Premium CF41 Nash Oak or CF42 Mocha Oak finish
  • Chic CF05 white solid secondary finish
  • Sturdy 25 mm chamfered edge worktops
  • Adjustable "A-shaped" steel legs with optional silver covers
  • Integrated wire management with flip-top
  • Environment-friendly "E0" grade wood
  • Designed by Claudio Bellini (Milan, Italy)
  • Precision-crafted with German machinery
  • W2690 x D2812, H750mm (overall for Cluster of 3
  • Customizable wirebox, privacy panels available
  • 5-year warranty
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