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Nora Straight Desk

Nora Straight Desk

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Indulge in the epitome of workspace elegance with the Nora Straight Desk. Crafted to redefine minimalism, its Nash Oak tabletop and sleek steel legs exude luxury. With options to enhance both form and function, elevate your office with Nora.

CF41 Nash Oak
CF42 Mocha Oak
CF05 White
W1200 x D700 x H750mm
W1400 x D700 x H750mm
W1500 x D700 x H750mm




Spacious Minimalism

The Nora Straight Desk embodies a minimalist design that creates a sense of spaciousness. Its clean lines and open design make any room feel larger.

Key Features

Integrated Wire Management
Effortlessly manage wires with the Silver flip-top and optional cable add-ons

Sturdy Construction
Durable "E0" grade wood board and German precision manufacturing.

Minimalist Design
Embody spacious minimalism with clean lines and soft curving shapes.

Premium Materials

Crafted with precision, it features a 25mm thick worktop with soft curving edges and durable epoxy-coated steel legs. The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity.