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The Staryo Chair collection embodies modern, collaborative working style. Choose stackable, metal-legged options with matte PP plastic seats and various upholstery. Includes high chairs in sled form or castors and a guarantee of German precision manufacturing, and a 5-year warranty.

Collection Overview
  • Training Chairs: Starbase with Wheels and Tablet or 4-Metal Legs with Wheels
  • Casual Office Seating: 4-Spoke Black Legs with Wheels or  4-Metal Legs with Wheels
  • Pantry Chairs: Stackable Sled Base or 4 Metal Legs
  • Bar Height Chair: Starbase with Footring and Wheels or Bar Stool in Sled
    Finish Overview
    • Fabric Finish Options: Blue Grey Fabric (TA)
    • PP Plastic Colors: Black, White, Deep Red, Forest Green



    Versatile Collaborative Seating Solutions: The Staryo Chair collection offers various seating options, including training chairs with tablet surfaces, metal-legged chairs with wheels, and casual office seating with different leg designs. This versatility enhances modern working dynamics in different collaborative spaces.

    Tailored Comfort and Design: Staryo offers tailored comfort and functionality, whether you prefer stackable sled base chairs for pantries or high chairs with castors for training sessions. Options like 4-spoke metal legs with castors and matte PP plastic bodies provide ergonomic support and modern aesthetics.

    Durable Craftsmanship and Warranty: Staryo chairs are crafted with German precision, ensuring exceptional quality and longevity. Backed by a 5-year warranty, they're designed to withstand daily use, offering reliability and durability in various environments.

    Customizable Styles and Finishes: The collection offers a variety of finishes to match different design preferences. Choose from fabric options like Blue Grey Fabric or PP plastic colors such as Black, White, Deep Red, and Forest Green to create a cohesive look in any space.