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Thick & Thin

Thick & Thin Business KANO
Thick & Thin Business KANO
Thick & Thin Business KANO
Thick & Thin Business KANO
Thick & Thin Business KANO

Thick & Thin

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Thick & Thin: A modern twist on traditional panel workstations, providing acoustic and visual privacy in open-plan spaces while enhancing comfort and efficiency. Panels also support internal cable organization for a tidy workspace.

Inspired to break boundaries

Collection Overview
  • Panel Thickness: 28mm (thin) or 40mm (thick)
  • Panel Types: fabric, whiteboard, MFC wood finish, pinnable fabric, etc.
  • Base panels range from: 450-2400W x 900-2400Hmm
  • Wire Management Raceway Access: Open Raceway  or Close either on floor level or above the desk level
Finish Overview
  • CF09 Log Walnut, CF05 White, CF12 Black Walnut MFC Finish
  • Aluminum/Steel Frame Finish: White
  • Wire Mangement Fliptop: White
CF09 Log Walnut
CF12 Coffee Walnut
CF05 White



Adaptable Privacy and Comfort: Thick & Thin transforms panel workstations with integrated panels for acoustic and visual privacy, enhancing well-being and efficiency in modern open workspaces.

Customizable Panel Options: The system offers diverse panel options: fabric, whiteboard, MFC wood, and pinnable fabric, allowing customized workspaces to meet individual preferences for a dynamic and personalized office layout.

Efficient Wire Management: Addressing the challenge of cable clutter, Thick & Thin incorporates internal cabling solutions within its panels. This feature ensures an organized and clutter-free workspace, contributing to a tidy and efficient working environment.

Contemporary Design and Finish: The collection features a modern aesthetic with thin (28mm) or thick (40mm) panels and finishes like CF09 Log Walnut, CF05 White, and CF12 Black Walnut MFC. The white aluminum/steel frame and wire management fliptop complete the contemporary look.