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The Yoda Multipurpose Armchair: Compact and colorful, designed for space-saving. Ideal for office, meetings, or lounging. Soft cushions offer comfort in a small footprint.

    Finish Overview
    • Finish Options: Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan or Yellow
    • Material: Vegan Leather (S13), Fabric Seat option is in MK01 Khaki
    • Available in Lounge in Leather of Fabric & Leather combination. Also available in Dining version with Black Aluminum 4-Spoke legs.



    Space-Saving Versatility: The Yoda Creative Executive Armchair maximizes space efficiency without sacrificing comfort, making it a versatile seating solution for various needs.

    Exceptional Comfort: The Yoda Armchair prioritizes your comfort with its soft seat and backrest, layered with plush cushions for a cozy and supportive seating experience in any setting.

    Adaptability and Style: Versatile and stylish, this armchair suits various roles and environments. Its sleek design, finish options, and choice of Leather or Fabric & Leather enhance any space.

    Color and Material Options: Choose from finish options like Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan, or Yellow. Opt for Vegan Leather (S13) for a sleek look or Fabric Seat in MK01 Khaki for added texture. Find the perfect match for your style and decor.