How to Choose the Right Office Chairs?

How to Choose the Right Office Chairs?


How to Choose the Right Office Chairs?

by Gilbert Grino on Sep 27, 2023

How to Choose the Right Office Chairs?

Most of us engage in sitting, with some doing it more frequently than others. However, individuals who spend prolonged hours working at a desk may experience discomfort and pain due to incorrect sitting postures. Sitting in a static position for an extended period or adopting unhealthy habits like slouching is not in line with the body's natural tendency to move, which can cause issues. Often, the office chair you sit in while performing a task may need to be more suitable to provide adequate support. The chair may not have been appropriately customized to suit your body type. Considering the multitude of office chairs available, it may be challenging to determine which chair best suits your needs. So, how can you identify the perfect office chair for you?

1) Opt for Breathable & Cushioned Seating

If you need to sit on your office chair for an extended duration, it's preferable to opt for a breathable material that allows air to circulate your body. Fabric is a reliable choice, although several contemporary materials can provide this feature too. Additionally, the chair padding should be sufficiently comfortable to sit on, avoiding either too firm or too soft seats. A hard surface can cause discomfort after a few hours, while a soft one may not provide adequate support.

2) Chairs with Adjustable Height

Adjusting the height of your office chair to match your height is crucial. To achieve optimal comfort, the chair height should be such that your thighs are parallel to the floor. You can search for a chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever, allowing you to elevate or lower the seat as required.

3) Backrest Adjustments

To optimize your comfort while working, it's vital to position the backrest of your chair to suit your task. For chairs with attached backrests, you can adjust them forward or backwards as needed, with a locking mechanism in place to avoid sudden tilting. However, you can customize the height and angle for chairs with separate backrests to your satisfaction. By prioritizing these adjustments, you can enjoy a comfortable and productive work experience.

4) Smoothly Manoeuvre with Swivel & Casters

Aside from comfort, the mobility of your chair is also essential. Having the flexibility to rotate your chair helps you reach various areas in your workspace, increasing your productivity. Caster's aid in mobility but selecting the right ones for your floor type is crucial. Whether it's carpet, hardwood, or a combination, ensure that your chair's casters suit your flooring.

So don't let discomfort and stiffness slow you down at work! Get your productivity and comfort levels soaring by choosing the perfect office chair. Look no further than BAFCO's range of customizable and premium chairs that guarantee a comfortable and productive workday.