Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time

Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time


Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time

by Gilbert Grino on Jun 07, 2023

Saving the Planet, One Product at a Time

BAFCO and Humanscale believes in sustainable products that benefit people as well as the planet. That’s easy to say but tougher to put in action. Thankfully, we have proof: 26 of our products are now certified net positive. What exactly does “net positive” mean?

Achieving Living Product Challenge Certification

In short, net positivity means going beyond net zero and actively helping the planet rather than just hurting it less.  Twenty six of our products, like our newest task chair, Path, and our Float sit-to-stand desk, have achieved Living Product Challenge (LPC) certification for doing exactly  that.

Launched by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), the LPC is the most rigorous test of sustainability in manufacturing, requiring companies to make operations net positive across seven different impact categories. Products such as our iconic Freedom Headrest that have earned this certification leave the Earth measurably better off than before they were created.

What Does It Mean to Be a Net Positive Product?

As outlined by the ILFI, Living Products are healthy, free of toxins, socially responsible, and ultimately net positive. The manufacturing process for these products respects the rights of workers and benefits both local populations and local resources.

It takes over a year to prove a product meets these standards and earn LPC Certification. Through sourcing planet-friendly materials, prioritizing renewable energy, and implementing sustainable operations that respect local resources, we have been able to engineer a manufacturing process for each product that continually passes this third-party test.

Our manufacturing process evolves as we learn new ways of leaving a net positive impact on the Earth. This means reducing our carbon footprint by creating “handprints,” or actions that actively offset our carbon footprint until our impact becomes measurably positive. These actions include using solar power and rainwater throughout manufacturing, as well as diverting waste from landfills. Our goal is to make this impact measurable. Every time our newest task chair Path is produced, 23,000 kWh of energy are created, while 15,000 gallons of water are saved, and 10,000 lbs. of ocean plastic are upcycled.

Doing Our Part So Clients and Consumers Can Do Theirs

By creating products that continually achieve hard-sought LPC certification, we allow consumers to take an active role in healing the planet. We also prove that it’s possible for other manufacturers to actively help in making our planet healthier. Each net positive item purchased helps heal the planet and strengthen ecosystems to ensure they’ll still exist for future generations. The more net positive products we produce, the better off we leave the Earth.

Shop our net positive products and join us in working towards a healthier planet.