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Ammy Conference Table

Ammy Conference Table

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Fusion of Modern Aesthetics and Traditional Charm by Claudio Bellini. With its blend of luxury, craftsmanship, and advanced features, the Ammy Conference Table transforms your meeting space into a realm of elegance, functionality, and connectivity, setting the stage for productive and impressive discussions. Backed by a 5-year warranty, it's a long-lasting investment in both style and functionality.

W3400 x D1450 x H760mm - Eubiq
W3400 x D1450 x H760mm
W4000 x D1550 x H760mm - Eubiq
W4000 x D1550 x H760mm
W4600 x D1650 x H760mm - Eubiq
W4600 x D1650 x H760mm
CY20 Alpine Walnut
CY07 American Walnut



Luxurious Design Harmony

The Ammy Presidential Conference Table is the embodiment of luxury, seamlessly blending traditional and modern aesthetics. Its exquisite 3-dimensionally curving veneer design in CY20 Alpine Walnut and CY16 Dark Khahi Lacquered finishes creates an environment that is both opulent and contemporary, making a statement of elegance in any workspace.

Key Features

Designer Claudio Bellini
Crafted by renowned designer Claudio Bellini, featuring 3D molded and slanted cable risers.

Advanced Wire Management
Innovative wire management options with HDMI, data, and power outlets for organized functionality.

Elegant Veneer Finish
Luxurious veneer surface combines conservative and modern aesthetics for a lavish workspace.

Integrated Wire Management Solutions

This conference table offers advanced wire management options for a clutter-free workspace. You can choose between a multifunctional wirebox with HDMI, data, and power outlets, or the innovative Eubiq system from Singapore, which features relocatable power outlets with HDMI and RJ45 connectors. These solutions ensure seamless connectivity while maintaining the table's clean and sophisticated appearance.