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Angus Business KANO
Angus Business KANO
Angus Business KANO


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The brilliant 3-seater sofa, designed by Claudio Bellini, offers comfort and style for your workspace. With durable fabric, layered cushions, champagne gold steel legs, German-machinery stitching, and high-density foam shows it's a part of Kano's Collaborative Soft Seating Collection.

    Finish Overview
    • Fabric Finish Options: Combination of Cyan + Blue and Patterned Fabric for Seat
    • Special Houndstooth Fabric Pattern for the pillow and seat (option)
    • Champaigne gold electroplated steel legs and frame



    Elevate your workspace with the Angus High Privacy Sofa by Milan's renowned Claudio Bellini. This masterpiece combines sophistication and style, creating an inviting and elegant atmosphere.

    Ultimate Comfort and Relaxation:
    The Angus Sofa is designed for the epitome of comfort, featuring meticulously crafted layered cushions for optimal relaxation during extended seating.

    Premium Materials and Craftsmanship: This sofa showcases exceptional craftsmanship with durable textured fabric and high-quality materials. The champagne gold electroplated steel legs and frame, along with German machinery stitching, reflect meticulous attention to detail.

    Customizable and Collaborative: The Angus Sofa, part of Kano's Collaborative Soft Seating Collection, offers customization with fabric choices like Cyan + Blue and a unique Houndstooth pattern to create an inviting workspace.