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Avia Business KANO
Avia Business KANO
Avia Business KANO
Avia Business KANO


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Experience the Avia Collection, a celebration of bold arcs and impeccable craftsmanship that embodies strength and nobility. Inspired by natural forms such as plant branches and petals, each piece in this collection reflects a vibrant and distinctive aesthetic.

Natural Elegance.

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 2400*2050*760 / 2700*2050*760 / 3000*2400*760
  • Conference Table: 2400*1200*760 / 2800*1200*760 / 3200*1300*760 / 3800*1400*760
  • Credenza: 2400*550*960
  • Wall Cabinet: 3000*400*2000 / 3400*400*2000
Finish Overview
  • CY25 Hawaiian Koa Natural Wood Veneer
  • CY16 and CF26 Khaki and Beige lacquering undertones



Avia Executive Collection integrates biophlic design principles and minimalist luxury styling, seamlessly marrying functionality with artistic sensibility. Featuring Hawaiian Koa natural wood veneer and khaki-beige lacquering undertones, enhanced by silver brushed decorative strips, these designs offer a refined and sophisticated visual appeal.

Avia Collection blends sophistication with natural beauty through bold arcs and artistic craftsmanship, inspired by plant forms. Integrating bionic design and light luxury style, it delivers functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Featuring Hawaiian Koa wood veneer and khaki-beige lacquering with silver brushed strips, Avia products exude elegance. Dual-flip wire boxes and fingerprint locks enhance usability, seamlessly integrating modern design.

Crafted with precision, Avia Collection offers nature-inspired elegance and practicality, ideal for enhancing office environments with timeless charm.