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Aviator Business KANO
Aviator Business KANO
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Welcome to the Aviator Sofa, where classic and modern silhouettes converge to offer executive comfort with a touch of elegance. This sofa is crafted in duotone finishes of Khaki and Meteor Grey, available in both vegan leather and genuine leather options. Designed with eco-friendly solid wood and board for durability and craftsmanship, the Aviator Sofa is a perfect addition to executive and majlis spaces seeking a balance of modesty and classic taste.

Collection Overview
  • Sofa: 1200*1000*860 / 1980*1000*860 / 2730*1000*860mm
    Finish Overview
    • Only 1 colour available - Khaki and Meteor Grey
    • Option of textured Vegan Leather (S13) or Genuine Leather (S11)
    • Concealed Black Leg



    Explore the Aviator Sofa, designed for executive environments with classic-modern aesthetics. Available in Khaki and Meteor Grey finishes, with options in textured vegan or genuine leather. Perfect for formal offices or luxurious majlis settings, offering comfort and style.

    Classic Modern Design: The Aviator Sofa blends classic and modern styles with Khaki and Meteor Grey finishes in vegan or genuine leather, ensuring executive comfort and timeless appeal.

    Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship: Crafted from eco-friendly solid wood and board, the sofa prioritizes durability and sustainability, ideal for executive and majlis spaces.

    Versatile Appeal: Designed for executive environments, it offers versatility in vegan and genuine leather options, featuring concealed black legs for a sophisticated finish in formal offices or luxurious settings.