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The Bigpang sofa is a standout piece for your office or lounge, featuring vibrant red or blue upholstery, perfect for collaborative spaces. Its modern, curved style offers comfort and durability with high-wear-rated textured fabric, soft cushion layers, eco-friendly construction, high-density foam, and German stitching. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

    Finish Overview
    • Stretch Fabric Options: Black, Cyan, Red , Blue and Blue Grey
    • Leather Material: Fabric (TA) Family
    Blue Grey



    Vibrant and Inviting Design: The vibrant Bigpang Collaborative Sofa, with bold red or blue fabric upholstery, adds energy and flair to your office or lounge, creating an inviting atmosphere for interactions.

    Durable and Comfortable Construction: This sofa combines endurance and comfort with high-wear textured fabric, soft cushioning, eco-friendly construction, high-density foam, and German machinery stitching.

    Ideal for Collaborative Spaces: The Bigpang Collaborative Sofa's modern, curved design fosters communication and teamwork in collaborative spaces, making it perfect for offices or lounges.

    Versatile Customization: Versatile Design Options: Customize the sofa with stretch fabric choices like Black, Cyan, Red, Blue, and Blue Grey to match your decor or create a unique color scheme.