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Elevate Your Lounge with the Como Modular Sofa Set. Crafted from Vegan Leather and inspired by Lake Como, Italy, it offers versatile sofa configurations. Featuring a solid wood and particle board inner frame, black steel legs, and a rectangular long pillow, it blends style with comfort.

Collection Overview
  • Armchair: 940*890*900
  • Sofa: 2150*1000*900 (L or R Armrest) / 2350*1000*900 (3-Seater) / 1700*1150*810 (L or R Chase) / 2150*1110*900mm (L or R Chaise corner with table) 
    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Textured Coffee and Khaki
    • Vegan Leather Material: Vegan Leather (S13) family
    • Black epoxy powder coated steel legs



    Inspired by Tranquil Elegance: The Como Modern Modular Sofa draws its design inspiration from the serene beauty of Lake Como, Italy. This inspiration is reflected in every curve and line of the sofa, creating an ambiance of tranquil elegance that elevates your living space.

    Endless Modular Combinations: Craft your dream lounge with the Como Modular Sofa Set. Its modular design offers endless possibilities for creating your desired sofa combinations, adapting to your space and preferences seamlessly.

    Premium Vegan Leather Comfort: Experience ultimate comfort with the vegan leather upholstery enveloping the sofa. The Vegan Leather (S13) material offers a luxurious and supple feel, ensuring a comfortable seating experience that seamlessly combines style and coziness.

    Solid Build with Stylish Accents: The Como Modern Modular Sofa offers durability and modern style with its solid wood and particle board construction, sleek black steel legs, and a comfy rectangular long pillow for added charm and comfort.