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The Dolphin Lounge Armchair, from our Collaborative Soft Seating Collection, is an ideal addition to your workspace. Featuring a durable dark grey epoxy powder coated steel frame & legs, textured fabric in Green or Blue, and a curved modern two-tone style complements any aesthetic. Its elastic and high-wear-rated fabric ensures longevity in office environments.

    Finish Overview
    • Duotone stretch fabric combinations.
    • Option 1: Shades of Blue (TB01+TB02)
    • Option 2: Shades of Green (TB06+TB03)
    • Meteor Grey epoxy powder coated steel legs & frame



    The Dolphin Collaborative Armchair is a vital part of the Collaborative Soft Seating Collection, promoting teamwork and comfort in your workspace.

    Modern Design and Versatility: The Dolphin Armchair features a modern dark grey epoxy powder-coated solid steel frame and legs, enhancing various office aesthetics. Its generously curved two-tone style, available in textured Green or Blue fabric, seamlessly complements your interior decor.

    Durable and Wear-Resistant: This armchair is designed to withstand the demands of a busy office with its high-wear-rated elastic textured fabric, ensuring long-lasting functionality and style.

    Customizable Finish: Choose your preferred color scheme for the armchair with Duotone stretch fabric combinations like Shades of Blue (TB01+TB02) or Shades of Green (TB06+TB03). Harmonize the armchair with your workspace's design and ambiance.