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Ergo-X Highback Chair

Ergo-X Highback Chair

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Step into the realm of ergonomic excellence with the Ergo-X Highback Chair. Crafted with an Elastomeric Mesh in sleek Black M5 finish, it offers unrivaled comfort. With features like an adjustable headrest, "X-shaped" lower back lumbar support, and a 4-Position Recline Lock, this chair elevates your posture and relaxation. Customizable seat depth and 2D adjustable armrests ensure a perfect fit. It even boasts an auto-sensing Weight Detection Recline Mechanism and a stylish Polished Aluminum Starbase. Backed by a 3-Year UAE Warranty, it's the epitome of luxury and peace of mind.

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    Elastomeric Mesh for Ultimate Comfort

    The chair features Elastomeric Mesh in Black M5 finish, providing exceptional comfort and breathability. This material conforms to your body, reducing pressure points and ensuring a comfortable seating experience even during extended periods.

    Key Features

    3-Year UAE Warranty
    Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year UAE warranty, ensuring the chair's durability and your satisfaction.

    X-Shaped Lower Back Lumbar Support
    Improve your posture and reduce strain with the innovative "X-shaped" lower back lumbar support.

    Elastomeric Mesh in Black M5 Finish
    Experience ultimate comfort with the elastomeric mesh in a sleek Black M5 finish.

    X-Shaped Lower Back Lumbar Support for Improved Posture

    The "X-shaped" lower back lumbar support is a unique and innovative feature that promotes proper posture. It helps align the spine, reducing the risk of discomfort and strain, and contributes to overall ergonomic support.

    Auto-Sensing Weight Detection Recline Mechanism

    The chair's auto-sensing weight detection recline mechanism offers effortless adjustment. It responds to your body's movements, allowing for smooth recline and ensuring that you can find the perfect angle for relaxation and focused work.

    Product description

    Ergo-X Ergonomic Highback Chair

    • Elastomeric Mesh in Black M5 finish for ultimate comfort
    • Adjustable Headrest for personalized support
    • "X-shaped" L