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Ergohuman 2 Elite Highback in Grey Frame

Ergohuman 2 Elite Highback in Grey Frame

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Step into a world of ultimate comfort and cutting-edge ergonomics with the second-gen Ergohuman office chair. It's a successor to the bestselling Ergohuman, offering top-tier quality and world-class ergonomics. Designed for total comfort, it incorporates advanced technology to enhance ergonomics and reduce stress.

The Ergohuman 2 Elite chair blends style and comfort seamlessly. Its ergonomic design supports the spine, and the multi-point adjustment system caters to individual preferences. The comfy backrest promotes freedom of movement, while adjustable armrests ensure proper hand positioning for work and relaxation.

Ergohuman 2 Elite chair boasts modern tech for superior performance: Drift Forward Tilt adjusts backrest and seat angles, optimizing spine alignment, while advanced lumbar support precisely follows the spine's curve for maximum lower back comfort.

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