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Gaddi Business KANO
Gaddi Business KANO
Gaddi Business KANO
Gaddi Business KANO


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Imagine a workspace that inspires and empowers you to excel. The Gaddi Series, inspired by ballet, offers executives the perfect desk to tackle challenges with wisdom and vigor. Its design features gun-metal chrome electroplated metal legs, drawing from the grace of ballet.

Subtle Elegance

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 1800*1770*750 / 2000*1770*750 / 2200*2150*750 / 2500*2150*750
  • Conference Table: 2000*1000*750 / 2400*1100*750 / 2800*1200*750 / 3200*1400*750 / 3800*1400*750 / 4600*1400*750
  • Meeting Table: 1000*1000*750
  • Wall Cabinet: 2470*430*1925 / 2200*400*1850
Finish Overview
  • CY07 American Walnut Natural Wood Veneer
  • Meteor Grey Leather & MFC Meteor Grey undertones
CY07 American Walnut
CY08 Dark Chocolate Walnut



Ballet-Inspired Elegance: Inspired by ballet's grace and dynamism, the Gaddi Executive Collection adds sophistication and vigor to your workspace. The gun-metal chrome electroplated metal legs, echoing ballet's poise, create a striking centerpiece, fostering an inspiring ambiance.

Tailored Versatility: The Gaddi Series offers a versatile range of sizes, from executive desks to wall cabinets, adapting seamlessly to different office needs for enhanced productivity and engagement.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship: The Gaddi Executive Collection emphasizes quality with CY07 American Walnut Wood Veneer, showcasing enduring luxury. Meteor Grey Leather and MFC Meteor Grey undertones provide a subtle yet refined elegance, embodying excellence in every detail.

Inspiring Workspace Aesthetics: The Gaddi Collection elevates your workspace with subtle elegance, combining design elements, premium finishes, and thoughtful proportions to inspire creativity, nurture client relationships, and enhance your work experience.