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Garden Cubes

Garden Cubes

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Pamper yourself with our range of premium furniture. This beautiful Garden Cubes stool with an option of backrest will be the perfect addition for your workspace or living room. With a soft and comfy cushion, this stool will keep you relaxed after a long day at work. It is designed with a dual tone that makes it look stylish and trendy.

    Finish Overview
    • Leather Finish Options: Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan or Yellow
    • Leather Material: Vegan Leather (S13) or Medley Fabric (ME) from Gabriel, Denmark
    • Leather will have Black Leather Base, and Fabric will have a Khaki Base
    Roman Tan



    Versatile Comfort and Style: The Garden Cubes Pouf combines comfort and style for your workspace or living room. With or without a backrest, the soft cushion provides relaxation, while the dual-tone design adds trendiness to the overall aesthetic.

    Premium Material Options: Choose between luxurious Vegan Leather (S13) or high-quality Medley Fabric (ME) from Gabriel, Denmark. Both options offer a sophisticated, durable, and comfortable finish.

    Stylish Customization: Choose from Leather Finish Options like Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan, or Yellow to match your decor and style. Leather options feature a sleek Black Leather Base, while fabric comes with an attractive Khaki Base, creating a cohesive and stylish environment.

    Functional and Trendy Design: The Garden Cubes Pouf combines comfort with functionality, seamlessly fitting into various settings with elegance and modernity. Use it as extra seating or a footrest to enhance both function and aesthetics in your space.