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iTech Elite Sit & Stand Face to Face (Clusters)

iTech Elite Sit & Stand Face to Face (Clusters)

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Experience the iTech Elite Sit & Stand Cluster - Elevate Your Workspace, Elevate Your Well-Being. Revolutionize your office with an electric height-adjustable desk that's as practical as it is stylish. Make the switch to a healthier work environment with iTech.

This version has 3-Column Legs with Dual Motor.
Height adjustable from 615 to 1215mm.

W1200 x D1480 x H615-1215mm
W1400 x D1480 x H615-1215mm
W1500 x D1480 x H615-1215mm
W1600 x D1480 x H615-1215mm
Cluster of 2
Cluster of 4
Cluster of 6
Cluster of 8
Cluster of 10