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The Lancy Modular Lounge Chair is the perfect solution for any office or workspace. The simple and efficient design, unique fabric texture and colors makes this style of seating suitable for collaborative settings. Its durable build ensures years of reliable use supported by strong white steel legs and beams and can be customized in a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic preferences and cluster requirements.

    Finish Overview
    • Fabric Finish Options: Salmon Pink, Yellow, Blue Green, Cyan, Light Moss Green
    • Fabric Material: Bastille Fabric (MB) Collection
    • White epoxy powder coated steel legs and beam (Leg Height is H190mm)
    Salmon Pink
    Blue Green
    Light Moss Green



    High Privacy Design: The Lancy High Privacy Modular Sofa redefines collaborative seating with its innovative high privacy design. Offering a cocoon-like environment, it provides a perfect balance between focused work and interactive teamwork.

    Customize Aesthetics: Elevate your workspace with fabric finish options like Salmon Pink, Yellow, Blue Green, Cyan, and Light Moss Green from the Bastille Fabric (MB) Collection, harmonizing with your office decor for a visually appealing environment.

    Robust and Durable Construction: The Lancy Modular Sofa is supported by robust white steel legs and beams, ensuring lasting performance and a sustainable investment for your workspace.

    Versatile Collaboration: The Lancy sofa is designed for various collaborative settings, offering a comfortable and functional seating solution that enhances individual productivity and group interactions.