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A wonderfully comfortable and trendy chair that adds style to your office. Ideal for work or reading, with a unique design and soft cushions. The Armchair is a modern, luxurious addition to any workspace, combining seating comfort with beautiful aesthetics and functionality.

    Finish Overview
    • Finish Options: Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan or Yellow
    • Material: Genuine Leather (S11) or Vegan Leather (S13)
    • Gun-metal electroplated 4-spoke steel legs



    Contemporary Elegance: The Loewe Executive Armchair seamlessly combines comfort and contemporary elegance in your office, with its unique design and soft cushions providing both style and relaxation.

    Luxurious Seating: Experience ultimate seating comfort with the Loewe Armchair, a modern take on the classic lounge chair. Its plush cushions offer luxury for breaks while maintaining functionality in any office setting.

    Personalized Style: Customize your Loewe Armchair with finish options like Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan, or Yellow, and choose between Genuine Leather (S11) or Vegan Leather (S13) upholstery to match your office decor and preferences.

    Sturdy and Stylish Base: The Loewe Armchair rests on gun-metal electroplated 4-spoke steel legs, providing both stability and a stylish look. This blend of durability and aesthetics makes it a functional and lasting addition to your workspace.