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Magic Business KANO
Magic Business KANO
Magic Business KANO
Magic Business KANO
Magic Business KANO


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Looking for efficient office furniture? Choose the Magic Series! Bold colors, and concise design for executives and staff, improving work efficiency and communication, whether at home or in the office.

Chic Marine Blue Executive Desks and Workstations

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk with Credenza Return: 1800*1750*750 / 2000*1750*750mm
  • Credenza & Cabinets: 2000*400*880 / 1200*400*1327 / 1200*400*800mm
  • Meeting Table: 3200*1400*900 / 2400*1200*750 / 2000*1000*750 / 1336*1400*750 / 1076*1140*750 / 3200*1400*750 / 3600*1400*750mm
  • Bar Height Table: 1400*500*1000 / 1600*500*1000mm
  • Pedestals: 360*500*560 / 800*400*560mm
  • Straight Desks: 1200*700*750 / 1400*700*750 / 1500*700*750mm (extendable, 600D is also available)
  • Face to Face Bench Workstation: 1200*1400*750 / 1400*1400*750 / 1500*1400*750mm (extendable)
  • Optional Addons: Steel Cable Riser, Black or White Wire Management Cable Box
Finish Overview
  • CF05 White Melamine Tops
  • Marine Blue epoxy powder-coated steel frames and beams
CF05 White



The Magic Workstation System combines efficiency and elegance to create a productive and communication-friendly workspace. Its smart design caters to the needs of executives and staff, whether in the office or working remotely.

Versatile Workspace Solutions: The Magic Series offers versatile workspace options, from Marine Blue Executive Desks and Workstations to Meeting Tables and Bar Height Tables, fostering productivity.

Customizable Configuration: Tailored to your needs, the Magic Series offers various configurations, including Executive Desks with Credenza Return, Straight Desks, Face to Face Bench Workstations, and more, providing a workspace that aligns with your workflow.

Elegant Aesthetics and Quality Finish: The Magic Series blends style and quality with Marine Blue steel frames, White Melamine Tops, and optional add-ons like the Steel Cable Riser for a tidy workspace.