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Introducing the Maten electric height-adjustable table, an affordable and stylish solution for ergonomic work. With A-shaped marine blue steel legs, this table combines class with affordability. It offers a height range of 750mm to 1150mm, allowing you to switch between standing and sitting positions for improved workplace wellness.

Chic Marine Blue Electric Height Adjustable Tables

Collection Overview
  • Straight Desk: 1400*700*750-1150 / 1600*700*750-1150mm
  • Face to Face Workstation: 1400*1450*750-1150 / 1600*1450*750-1150mm
  • Optional Addons: Multifunctional sockets, Cable Tray link for Clusters of 4 or more
Finish Overview
  • CF05 White Melamine Tops with CF09 Log Walnut Edge Banding detail
  • CF05 White epoxy powder coated steel frames and beams
CF09 Log Walnut
CF05 White



Introducing the Maten Designer Sit and Stand Workstation System, a perfect blend of ergonomics, style, and functionality. With its electric height-adjustable table, you can effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions (height range: 750mm to 1150mm), promoting comfort and well-being in your workspace.

Stylish Design: Introduce a touch of elegance to your workspace with the chic marine blue A-shaped steel legs. This design choice not only adds a sense of class to your environment but also ensures affordability, making the Maten table a stylish yet budget-friendly option.

Customizable Options: The Maten collection includes straight desks and face-to-face workstations in various sizes (1400mm or 1600mm). Tables have adjustable heights from 750mm to 1150mm, and optional features like multifunctional sockets and cable tray links are available for larger clusters of tables.

Quality Finish: Introducing the Maten electric height-adjustable table, designed for ergonomic comfort. With a height range of 750mm to 1150mm, it supports seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions for a healthier work experience.