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Mickey Face to Face (Clusters)

Mickey Face to Face (Clusters)

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Step into the world of modern office elegance with our Mickey Face to Face Workstations. Crafted with Nash Oak and sleek steel legs, these workstations are designed for productivity and style, offering an exquisite alternative to the mundane. Explore the possibilities.

CF41 Nash Oak
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Sleek Minimalist Design

The Micky Face to Face Workstation epitomizes sleek, minimalist elegance with contemporary lines, rust orange accents, and a natural Nash Oak finish, providing a stylish and practical workspace.

Key Features

Designer's Touch
Designed by Claudio Bellini, precision-crafted with a 5-year warranty

Integrated Wire Management
Convenient wire management with power socket and grommet

Sleek Rustic Elegance
Modern design with rust orange accents and Nash Oak finish

Advanced Functionality

Available for 2 to 10 individuals, this workstation series offers flexibility to adapt to your office's evolving needs, making it suitable for various team sizes.