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Mosky Business KANO
Mosky Business KANO
Mosky Business KANO
Mosky Business KANO
Mosky Business KANO


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The MOSKY series is a new addition to our collection, offering a classic yet modern appearance with dark coffee teak and meteor gray colors. Perfect for both modern and traditional offices, these products blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, enhancing your workspace's overall look.

Modern techniques for timeless taste

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 2000*1610*750 / 2400*1900*750 / 2800*2300*750 / 3200*2300*750
  • Conference Table: 3000*1400*750 / 3600*1400*750 / 4200*1400*750
  • Meeting Table: 1000*1000*760
  • Coffee Table: 1200*1200*420 / 1200*600*350
Finish Overview
  • CF39 Coffee Teakwood MFC Finish
  • Meteor Grey Leather & MFC Meteor Grey undertones
CF39 Coffee Teakwood
CF08 Walnut Hairline



The Mosky Executive Collection blends classic elegance with contemporary design, using dark coffee teak and meteor gray for a stylish and timeless look.

Versatile Elegance for Any Space: The versatile Mosky series suits any office style, blending elegance with functionality to offer visually captivating and useful furniture. The Mosky Executive Collection elevates every office space with impeccable design.

Craftsmanship Meets Modernity: The Mosky Executive Collection employs innovative techniques for lasting design and durability. It offers various options, from executive desks to conference tables, meeting diverse office needs while maintaining a timeless standard of taste.

Premium Material and Finish: The Mosky series excels in design and premium materials, with a CF39 Coffee Teakwood MFC Finish for luxury and Meteor Grey Leather & MFC undertones for sophistication. These choices ensure enduring beauty and durability in daily use.