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Quzzi Business KANO
Quzzi Business KANO
Quzzi Business KANO
Quzzi Business KANO


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Quzzi Series is a masterpiece of Mr Bellini, the chief design consultant of Kano. To keep up with the changing trend of office space, a curved surface is adopted by paying tribute to the smartphone curved screens, a breakthrough both for smartphones and office furniture.

Creative both inside and outside.

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 1800*1500*750 / 2000*1900*750 / 2300*1900*750 / 2550*1900*750
  • Meeting Table: 2200*1000*760 / 2800*1200*760 / 3200*1200*760 / 3600*1400*760 / 4200*1400*760
  • Wall Cabinet: 2100*400*1860 / 2300*400*1860 / 2800*400*1860
Finish Overview
  • CY07 American Walnut Natural Wood Veneer
  • Meteor Grey Leather & Lacquered Meteor Grey lacquering undertones
CY07 American Walnut
CY20 Alpine Walnut



Innovative Curved Design: The Quzzi Executive Collection innovates with a curved surface design inspired by smartphone screens, capturing contemporary trends and elevating your workspace's aesthetic appeal.

Masterpiece by Design Expert: Crafted by Mr. Bellini, Kano's chief design consultant, the Quzzi Series is a masterpiece, seamlessly blending form and function for an appealing and functional office environment.

Versatile Configuration Options: The Quzzi Collection includes executive desks, meeting tables, and wall cabinets, offering customizable office solutions. Choose from compact desks to spacious tables to optimize workflow and collaboration.

Premium Materials and Finishes: The Quzzi Collection radiates luxury and sophistication with CY07 American Walnut Wood Veneer finish and Meteor Grey Leather, enhancing durability and elegance in executive settings.