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Rising Business KANO
Rising Business KANO
Rising Business KANO


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Rising Sit Stand Presidential Desk, designed by Claudio Bellini, is a state of the art height adjustable executive table that seamlessly combines style, function and technology.

Rise to Modern Challenges

Collection Overview
  • Executive Desk: 2100*2000*(730-1150) / 2550*2200*(730-1150)mm
  • Wall Cabinet: 2400*400*2000 / 3000*400*2000mm
  • Meeting Table: 2400*1100*750-1150mm
  • Credenza: 2400*400*1085mm
Finish Overview
  • CY13 Meteor Grey
  • Dark Khaki Leather worktop area
CY13 Meteor Grey



Seamless Height Adjustment: The Rising Sit Stand Presidential Desk, masterfully designed by Claudio Bellini, offers state-of-the-art height adjustability. This executive table effortlessly adapts to your needs, promoting comfort and productivity throughout your workday.

Modern Aesthetics and Functionality: Rise to the challenges of modern work with this desk that seamlessly marries style, function, and technology. The sleek design and premium materials, including the exquisite Dark Khaki Leather worktop area, create an executive workspace that is both visually striking and highly functional.

Versatile Workspace Solutions: This collection provides a comprehensive solution to your office needs. From the spacious executive desk and versatile wall cabinet to the accommodating meeting table and practical credenza, each piece is designed to enhance your workspace efficiency and organization.

Elegant Finish Options: With the CY13 Meteor Grey finish, this collection exudes an air of sophistication and modernity. The color palette perfectly complements contemporary office aesthetics, creating an environment that inspires creativity and professionalism.