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Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinet Business KANO
Wall Cabinet Business KANO
Wall Cabinet Business KANO
Wall Cabinet Business KANO
Wall Cabinet Business KANO
Wall Cabinet Business KANO

Wall Cabinet

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Explore KANO's Wall Cabinet: Unleash creativity with modular cabinets. Customizable heights, widths, finishes. Innovative features include push lock doors, glass doors, remote-controlled LED lights, integrated TV/electronics spaces.

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Collection Overview
  • Open Kitchen Module size: 2400*515*2621 / 2400*515*2941mm
  • TV Module Size: 2400*350*2621 / 2400*350*2941mm
  • Modular Open Cabinet Size: 600*300*2621 / 900*300*2621 / 1200*300*2621 / 600*300*2941 / 900*300*2941 / 1200*300*2941mm
Main Benefits
  1. Striking Visual Impact: Our modular wall cabinet instantly transforms your space into a stylish and modern environment.

  2. Seamless Technology Integration: Experience the ultimate convenience with integrated features like LED lights and dedicated spaces for TV and electronics, allowing you to effortlessly connect and showcase your technology.

  3. Unbeatable Value: Enjoy a competitive effect-to-price ratio with our modular wall cabinet system, offering exceptional quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal at an affordable price point.

  4. Scratch-Resistant Material: Our wall cabinets are built with scratch-proof materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining a pristine appearance even in high-traffic areas.

  5. UV Protection: With UV-resistant materials, our wall cabinets retain their vibrant colors and resist fading, even when exposed to direct sunlight, ensuring a beautiful and timeless aesthetic.

  6. Easy Maintenance: Keeping your wall cabinet clean and well-maintained is effortless, thanks to the easy-to-clean surfaces that require minimal effort to wipe down and maintain their pristine condition.

  7. Damp-Proof and Impact-Resistant: Our wall cabinets are designed to withstand moisture and impact, making them ideal for various environments and ensuring their durability and reliability over time.

  8. Flame Retardant and Environmentally Certified: Rest easy knowing that our wall cabinet materials are flame retardant and backed by environmental certifications, prioritizing safety and sustainability.

By selecting our modular wall cabinet system, you'll enjoy a visually stunning, technologically integrated, and long-lasting solution that offers exceptional value, easy maintenance, and reliable performance in any environment.

CF08 Walnut Hairline
CF39 Coffee Teakwood



Enhance your space with KANO's Modular Executive Full Height Wall Cabinets, offering versatile customization through modular configurations, various finishes, and exceptional durability.

Seamless Integration of Technology: Enhance your space with integrated technology like push-lock swing doors, glass doors, and remote-controlled LED lights for a seamless TV and electronics setup.

Unmatched Aesthetic and Value: Transform your space with KANO's modular wall cabinets, delivering unmatched aesthetics and value with exceptional quality and functionality at a competitive price.

KANO's wall cabinets are built to last with scratch-resistant, UV-protected, damp-proof, impact-resistant, and flame-retardant materials, ensuring both durability and safety.